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hello, I’m

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certified women’s health, nutrition & mindset coach

& founder of “ flourish ” (turned: shift)

A personal trainer turned holistic health coach & mentor.

I founded my Mind—Body coaching practice because I know what it’s like firsthand to navigate the messy world of food, body image, and disordered eating... craving to feel better externally and internally but confused about how to get there. I want to help change that!

You can learn a little more about my journey: here, and it’s why I’m so passionate about about women's health and fusing together both mindset work & health optimisation to empower clients to create their own version of health and happiness.

I recently relocated from London to Sydney to continue to challenge myself on my own journey with personal development. I believe in always being a student. And that hard stuff is great. And that dark chocolate covered honeycomb is the greatest thing to have ever happened to the modern world.

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Shadows of Leaves on Beige Wall

Programmes & work with me:

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My 1:1 holistic online coaching programme is designed create balance between your body & mind.

Shift fuses together mental & physical wellbeing, bringing in principles of intuitive eating & food freedom with fluffy holistic self care tools in a way which feels approachable & relatable to you.

It is split into 3 stages, supporting you to truly shift inside & out for well rounded self development. It is physical & mental health -- without the diet culture, noise, or obsession.

I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

Mini blueprints & workshops

Not ready for 1:1 coaching but have some areas you want to focus on for yourself and uplevel?

Here you go:

  • Binge eating blueprint & mini masterclass - £33
  • Body love blueprint (coming soon) - £33



  • Personalised programme:

3 pillars (mind, body, nutrition)

  • Meal support (non-diet nutrition) & movement support (flexible programmes)
  • Weekly check in’s & ongoing support
  • On-demand content library: access to a growing library of video lessons, workbooks & resources tailored to you
  • Weekly action plans done for you
  • Tools for lasting change
  • Mental and physical transformation
  • Mindset reset: get out of all/nothing thinking and out of your funk, learn how to follow through on promises and create lasting habits
  • Self-love, self-care, & mindfulness practices
  • Self discovery: monthly resource and journaling hub for forever change

Pricing options:

Secure monthly payment plan.

Weekly pricing structure can be discussed.

15% off for returning clients.

My holistic online coaching programmes are designed to create balance between your body & mind.

Shift (the signature 1:1) fuses together mental & physical wellbeing, bringing in the principles of intuitive eating & food freedom, teaching you how to be intentional but flexible with your wellness regime, whilst also introducing you to to fluffy holistic self care tools.

Explore different types of packages I offer for different levels of support.

Option 1.


£185 monthly

Everything outlined plus:

  • One 45 min deep dive session via Zoom
  • Weekly check ins through app
  • 3 months minimum

Option 2.

The Shift Intense:

2 month transformation package

£450 monthly

High accountability & touch point option

Everything outlined plus:

  • 12 one to one zoom sessions (1 x zoom per week)
  • Detailed feedback after each session with writeup of our call and a weekly action plan
  • Initial dive session
  • Weekly check ins
  • 2 months minimum




How do I know this actually works?

3 stages

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3 pillars

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After the ups & downs of my own journey, I’ve found purpose and joy in guiding women through similar situations. I’m a Personal Trainer turned holistic health & mindset coach with 6 years of coaching experience both in person and online.

I’ve combined all of my learning & teaching into my programmes, to crowd out the noise and make wellness more accessible.

I believe in health & self development which supports your relationship to food & yourself. We’re all unique too, with varying thoughts, emotions and environments and while it's important to have discipline, goals, and to be healthful... it should never come to the detriment of our mental, physical or social wellbeing -- so learning how to balance these things is powerful.


  • MNU Nutr
  • PN nutrition & coaching diploma
  • REPs insured
  • Cert 3 & 4 in personal training
  • 6+ years of in person & online coaching & mentoring

What changed for me (and hundreds of clients) since changing my approach and going through this process?

  • I stopped binge eating & lost weight
  • I healed my gut & hormone health in a balanced way

This took time and effort, but I felt much more aligned and calm integrating healthful practices into my life without restirction

  • I learned how to regulate my emotions and calm my nervous system without food
  • I went from looking in the mirror with self hatred and learned how to look at myself w/ kindness and respect

It may sound cliche, but there is definitely a magic which comes with learning how to look at yourself with kindness and compassion. You don't need to be in love with yourself, but learning to accept your humanness and flaws is transformative.

  • I learned how to fuel myself sustainably and nutritiously with balance
  • I learned how to create a balanced workout routine in sync with my emotions & hormones I always come back to
  • I learned self compassion & re-defined my relationship with self discipline

Being stuck in flight/fight mode is no fun, physically or mentally. Unfortunately many of us are not taught how to regulate our emotions or tap into our parasympathetic nervous system - often running on fumes and in a heightened state, which can really affect your hormones and mental health.

When I originally rejected diets, I also lost control of any sense of self or discipline. My relationship with it was entirely messed up. I'm now at a place where I understand the need to balance both self discipline and self compassion.

I was stuck in a cycle of forcing myself through painful and inflammatory workouts which didn't suit my mental or physical health. I would force myself to weight lift 6x a week with no rest, thinking that more was more. I was very wrong. I learned how to slow down, and that less, more vairted movement suited me better.


How are you different from other online coaches?

My coaching is a very transformative process in the sense you don’t just get given a plan and then run away with it. It is not about ticking boxes. I am here to explain, guide. and educate. I am hands on. I take great care in my check in replies and endeavour to get to know my clients (which is great, but sad when you leave!!). I want you to craft a life of wellness and achieve your goals with balance and compassion. I will hold a mirror up to you.

You do get structured plan, meal ideas, nutrition information (and a training plan if you like) but we explore all the other fluffy stuff too.

I get to the root of the issue. So this isn’t your average online PT online coaching programme.

Can I be anywhere in the world?

Absolutely. Working with me via 1:1 or a workshop or course takes place online, on your time. You can access our sessions wherever you like, and take things at your own pace.

Tablet & mobile friendly.

What if I have an active eating disorder?

Whilst I am a nutrition coach and trainer, I am not a nutritional therapist or eating disorder specialist and therefore working with me is not suitable for anyone with an active eating disorder. Please seek support from a registered medical professional. If you have clearance from your healthcare provider or have recovered, book in for a chat to see if this programme will be suitable :) I’m always happy to talk through things with you.

What is your pricing?

I try to offer pricing flexibility and options to make coaching accessible. I can discuss these on a free consultation call with you.

Online coaching is hands on, entirely personalised and usually the same sort of investment as hiring an in-person PT or boujee gym membership.

to change what you see outwardly you must first change inwardly... order to create something different, you must allow yourself to believe in a different story; you have to shift.